Do you have parking?

Yes, we have three parking sports directly in front of the shop.

Do I need to clean the equipment before I return it?

Not at all. We take cleaning and sanitation very seriously, after each rental all equipment is disassembled, thoroughly cleaned with 175 degree water and isopropyl alcohol. We then check bearings, belts and blades to make sure they are at factory spec. When you rent equipment from us you can expect it to be clean and properly maintained.

Can I reserve equipment for a specific date?

Absolutely, you are welcome to pre pay for a rental and we will reserve it for you. Pre payment can be made over the phone or in person at the shop.

Of all the machines you sell, which is the best?

Great question. Our harvesting equipment are tools, some tools work better in certain situations than others. When we say we have “the worlds finest trimming machines” we mean it! We only carry the finest equipment and will absolutely help you find the right machine for your particular situation.

I want to buy a machine but not sure which one, which do you recommend?

We rent almost everything we sell and encourage you to rent a machine before you buy it to make sure it is the right fit. To make it easier on you we will always apply one rental days cost towards the purchase price of a machine. This allows you to try it before you buy it with essentially no cost to you.

Can I pre pay over the phone but have someone else pick up the equipment?

Absolutely, you are welcome to pay over the phone and the person who picks up the machine can do the paperwork. We will need a copy of their ID and credit card for deposit. Please note: the person who picks up the machine will be legally responsible for the rental.